I believe that portraits are one of the few things in life that grow in value with time. Really... just how valuable is that last picture of you with your grandpa (mom, dad, friend, etc). It's priceless, isn't it? I also believe that portraits belong beautifully displayed on your walls and not in your desk drawer.

Investment in custom photography is an investment in art, individualized experience and client service. Because portraits are so important, I want to make sure that no detail is overlooked. From customizing your wardrobe to properly displaying your portraits, I work closely with you to ensure that this experience is a wonderful one.

I am a mom of that little guy in the picture. He isn't so little anymore - but I sincerely adore this picture of us. It means the world to me, and someday it will mean that much to him. I'd like to create portraits like that for you. Ones that your children and family members will be proud to pass down from generation to generation.


To ensure the highest level of customer service, I book only ten portrait sessions per month. Please contact me today for available dates and times.


Invest in portraits that last a lifetime!


- Fallon